Four Aberdeen athletes play in Fifth District All Star game

all-star-boys-clr all-star-girls-1

Two senior girl athletes and two senior boy athletes from Aberdeen High School were chosen to participate in the Fifth District All Star basketball game recently. Taylor Wallace and Carolee Beck were chosen to play on the dark squad girls’ team and Austin Horrocks and Brian Cerna played on the dark squad boys’ team.


During the girls’ game, Wallace scored nine points for the evening and Beck scored five. Wallace also advanced to the semi final round of the three point shooting contest. That was eventually won by Highland’s Dakota Gonzalez.


Horrocks played well against a very tall light team. He tallied six assists in the game. Cerna scored four points for the game.


The girls’ dark team lost to the light team 75-72 and the boys’ dark team lost to the light team 84-83.


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