A.F. council adds new line item to budget

The American Falls City Council approved the creation of a new line-item in the city budget at their Wednesday, March 20, meeting.

The council held a public hearing to take comment about opening the budget and creating the account. Hearing no comment other than answering clarifying questions the council voted unanimously to approve the creation of a trust account.

The Clerk’s Trust Account will be used to house money to fund continued maintenance of cosmetic improvements to the downtown area.

The Clerk’s Trust Account is a unique account in that money that is put into that account can be carried over to the next fiscal year. With most of the money that is left at the end of the year those dollars are moved to the next year’s general fund.

Establishing a trust account will allow monies raised specifically for the addition and maintenance of the cosmetic improvements in the downtown area to be held over if necessary.

American Falls City Clerk Robyn Herndon said the trust account was the idea of the organizers of the Idaho Outdoor Recreational Swap Meet.

“The account was created as part of the swap meet to make sure we kept the monies raised for the look of downtown in one spot and could move that money forward each year. This also gives a separate account to manage the funds to operate the swap meet from,” said Herndon.

According to Herndon the city set up the account under the advice of city auditor Morgan Hatt. Part of that advice included structuring the account to be expandable.

“This account can be expanded as needed for other city projects that need multi-year carry through,” said Herndon.

In other council business, Mayor Marc Beitia reported to the council that he had signed a Cooperating Agency Agreement with the Craters of the Moon National Monument as part of the area’s management plan. Beitia explained the agreement asked the city to be willing to meet to discuss the impacts American Falls experiences from the Craters of the Moon.

“I felt it was a reasonable request and a conversation worth having,” said Beitia.

The council finished the meeting by watching a presentation from the American Falls High School FFA Ag Issues team about the prospect of keeping more water in the American Falls Reservoir to promote recreation and prevent water quality violations from low water levels.

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