Dart Vaders take the top spot in final tournament

The American Falls Dart League has finished their season with the Dart Vaders coming from the middle of the pack to win the final tournament of the season. The Dart Vaders led by Paul Anderson also includes Esther Dickman, Elaine Renfro and Horace Renfro.

Fishtank took second despite missing two players for the tournament. Fishtank members include: Kailey Nichols, Ricco Dittman, Tim O’Harra, Jimmy Torres and absent members Mike Curry and Ressa Curry.

Three Men and a Babe led the season in league play, but came in third place in the tournament. The team included: Emily Wright, Clay VanLueven, Lee Love, Chris O’Harra and one absent member Doug Henrie.

Queen and Her Boys led by Kandy Pannel and including Ryan Stoker, Lalo Hidalgo, Layne Tubbs and absent members Ty Glover and Brandon Pankratz took fourth place.

Four Play took fifth place. Led by Mike Neeser, the team also includes Jason Curzon, Rob Millward, Alicia Griffiths and Jennifer Neeser, who was absent from the tournament.

Hypodartmatics and Lady and the Tramps tied for sixth place. Members of Hypodartmatics include: Desirae Pena, Aaron Haworth, Rocky Parsons and Ozzy Shepard. Lady and the Tramps include: Angie Morris, Dean Morris, Jon McInerny and Abe Ortiz.

Budweiser kept sole possession of eighth place. Budweiser is made up of Dave Anderson, Barbara Hidalgo, Natalie Fuss and Jeff Fuss.

Boondox and Casey’s One tied for ninth place. Boondox members include: Glen Claunch, Robin Claunch, Melinda Michaelson, Amber Henrie, Dave Burt and absent member Ron Michaelson. Casey’s One members include: Gary Chaney, Ann Chaney, Jim Smith, Deb Smith and Craig Heward.

Hooters took 11th place. Members of the Hooters team include: Norma Hill, Martha Anderson, Angie Cleverley and Jaime Torres.

The Jellie Bellies rounded out the league in 12th place. Jellie Bellies are made up of Teresa Savage, Adrian Savage, John Hernandez and Kathy Hernandez.

The American Falls Dart League thanks Freddies Roadhouse and Dr. Unks for sponsoring the 2013 dart league.

There will be an end-of-season players’ banquet on Sunday, April 14, at Freddies Roadhouse.


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