Class of 2013 told to take pride in graduation day

Forty-four Aberdeen High School seniors walked at graduation Thursday, May 30, to receive their diplomas at the middle school gymnasium. Joe Ingersoll, speaker for the evening, gave the class a little advice. He told them to take pride in the day, thank their parents, and do a little celebrating, emphasizing a “little”.

“This is the last time you seniors will be together as a class. This is the end of one objective and the beginning of great challenges – incredible highs and incredible lows,” he said.

“This country needs you. This country needs your youth, your energy, your strength, your ambition and your hope. Will this nation that was forged by courage find courage or find courage lacking? Together you are strong.

“As the years pass, when it is your turn to pass to the next generation, I hope you will remember what you have been taught. May the meaning of the past mix with the hope of the present to be prepared for the struggles of the future. Let the wisdom of age be mixed with the promise of youth. Congratulations on what you have done,” he said.

Ingersoll has taught government and U.S. history in Aberdeen for 16 years.

The co-valedictorians and the salutatorian, Lauren Sargent, Taylor Wallace and Jill Yancey, spoke together. They made comments and laughed about things that had happened during their four years in high school. They said it had been real. It had been fun, but it wasn’t real fun.

“Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened,” they said.

Shelby Feld was given the Service Award and Lauren Sargent received the Citizenship Award from principal Travis Pincock.


As each student received his or her diploma, the audience was able to see a photo of the student with a baby picture and one of their favorite quotes. One quote was from Walt Disney. It gave good advice to the graduating class saying, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Each year the graduating class gives Pincock a memento of their years in high school. Because of the year ‘13, each class member gave him something representing bad luck. Some of the items included an open umbrella (opened indoors), a broken mirror and a black cat.

Kamille Foster provided the prelude music for the graduation. The Processional and Recessional were played by the Aberdeen High School Concert Band. The invocation was given by Sadie Pulliam and the benediction was given by Catalina Isabel Cazarez.

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