Downtown revitalization work to begin on Harrison Street

Those traveling through American Falls will soon have to deal with construction delays and alternate routes. While this may not be much of a surprise as talk about the downtown revitalization project has been ongoing for years., the reality is finally going to set in. DePatco Project Manager Chad Rushton said the reality may not be pleasant.

“It is going to look like a war zone,” said Rushton.

Rushton outlined the first two weeks of the project at a scheduling meeting on Thursday, June 27. During the meeting Rushton said construction will start slowly and then the pace will increase.

“During the week of the fourth we will be completing some saw cuts on Harrison and Roosevelt. Then during the week of the eighth we will begin removing asphalt and concrete on Harrison as well as beginning work on the sewer line on Roosevelt from Oregon Trail Avenue to Tyhee Avenue,” said Rushton.

Rushton said that work on Harrison Street will begin at the intersection of Harrison Street and Bannock Avenue and move toward Harrison Street’s intersection with Fort Hall Avenue.

Rushton estimated 30 days between the start of work and completion on Harrison Street. The timeline for the first part of Roosevelt Street will be much shorter according to Rushton.

“We are concerned about making sure the sewer line under Roosevelt is connected before we get heavy rains. I am not sure specifically how long we are anticipating this part of the work on Roosevelt to take but it won’t be as long,” Rushton said.

Rushton emphasized to city leaders and supervising personnel DePatco’s focus on communication with residents and businesses.

“We know we will have a lot of people upset at us because this creates a lot of disruption. We ask you to please bring issues to us as soon as possible so we can address concerns quickly,” said Rushton.

Wheat harvest was another concern for many at the meeting, but American Falls Police Chief Brandon Wilkinson said old habits will help.

“DePatco will be contacting farmers to explain the traffic situation, but most of the farmers in our area are using the bypass already,” said Wilkinson.

For more information about construction activities contact American Falls City Hall at 226-2569.


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