Resignations, retirements, and reassignments

by Madai Montes
Press Intern


The list of teachers either retiring or resigning to take jobs elsewhere, left the American Falls School District board of trustees at their Monday, June 24, meeting searching for replacements, or sometimes, reassigning teachers already on the payroll.

One of those changes for the next year will be Terry Jones, formerly Terry Stilwell. An English teacher at American Falls High School for seven years, she will now be taking on the role of art teacher. Lori Stinson, who was the art teacher, accepted a job in Pocatello where she resides.

Jones graduated with an education degree from Idaho State University with a double major in art and English. At this point in her career, Jones is taking the opportunity to switch over to her true love.

“I’ve always wanted to teach art and this is the first opportunity where there has been an opening, and I am very excited to move over. I enjoy English, but I love art,” said Jones.

The journalism/yearbook program that Stinson ran last year will also be continued by Jones.

Jones remains unsure about the number of newspapers that will be printed this year due to a year full of changes and budget cuts.

“As much product is put out I don’t know yet in regards to the budget and it being my first year,” said Jones.

Jones will teach the classes her predecessor taught including: Intro to Art, Drawing I and II, Painting I and II, Pottery I and II, graphic arts, and year book/journalism.

Jones hopes to build excitement for art in her upcoming first year as an art teacher.

“I would like to get people to enjoy art. You don’t have to be born with talent. There are skills you can learn. I want to encourage students to explore,” said Jones.

Jones would like to show art in a new light; not only as a hobby, but as a potential career for anyone who would like to pursue an art career.

“I’d like for them to see the career potential that is out there. People have no idea, everything requires a design,” said Jones.

As an English teacher Jones was exhibiting her artistic side on a daily basis, assigning poster projects, group presentations, and showing films to add to the books read in class.

“I always try to have a visual,” said Jones.

Jones, who finally received the chance to embrace her artistic side had a few doubts about switching over to an elective position.

“I was scared of leaving a core position and going to an elective spot, but I knew that if I didn’t do it now I was afraid I’d regret it,” said Jones.

Jones would like to expand the art department and really make people fall in love with art again.

“I think people can do more than they thought they could,” said Jones.

Jones preference in artistry includes pencil drawings and glass etchings. Her inspiration comes from the “renaissance and sculpture masters” such as Michelangelo and da Vinci.

Jones has been working as a freelance artist constructing graphic designs and glass etchings for customers for the past few years.

One other change already in the works for the new year at AFHS will be Charles Stewart taking on the position as science teacher. He is replacing Pat Patterson, who wore many hats at the school, but accepted a head football coaching position at a larger high school in Wyoming.

Patterson was science teacher, head football coach, head track coach and assistant basketball coach.

But while Stewart will be taking Patterson’s place as the new science teacher, the head football coaching position will be filled by Tyler Shafer.

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