Antique car show coming to Aberdeen

Mayor Morgan Anderson told the city council that an antique car show would be coming to Aberdeen on Monday, Aug. 5, around lunch time. The car show will be at the LDS Church parking lot with about 100 cars involved. They are coming to Aberdeen to view Clint Krehbiel’s antique museum. The car show is put on by the Veteran’s Motor Car Club of America.

Anderson made the announcement after calling the council meeting to order on Tuesday, July 9. Attending the meeting were council members Katherine O’Brien, Lisa Pankau, Brian Schneider, Larry Barrett and Craig Wampler. City employee Richard Mayer, city attorney Dan Acevedo, Police Chief Ray Dalling and city clerk Linda Balls also attended.

A special use permit was granted to Flor Beck for her property on Main Street.

Anderson asked for reports from the various departments. Schneider had nothing for the golf course. Pankau also had nothing to report involving the parks.

O’Brien told the council the cost of removing garbage has increased. The implications from this are still being evaluated but an increase in the garbage bill could be coming. She asked the council members to watch the recycling center and to let her know if any of the bins needed emptying and she would report it to the right personnel.

Wampler talked about the waste water project. The UV engineering reports should be available soon. Water line issues have slowed the progress, but things are still going forward, he said.

Barrett reported to the council about the planning and zoning committee. Jay Jackman has been selected to be chairman of the committee, he said.

The city council has been working on job descriptions for each of the city’s employees. They will have a work meeting to discuss job descriptions and budget requirements for the new fiscal year. Barrett asked Mayer about any equipment the city could or should budget for in the new fiscal year. A sander was mentioned as a possibility.

Mayor Anderson told the city council that they had not received the pavement grant they applied for. He also said Three Rivers RC&D will help the Gem Trail to write a grant for the next phase of the trail by Wahlen Field.

The council approved a motion to have Paula Jones of Three Rivers RC&D write a grant for help with replacing the bridge next to Hazard Creek on the way to the Experiment Station. It is part of the old Highway 39 and is showing its age.

The Pioneer Day parade will be in Aberdeen this year on Saturday, July 27, due to construction going on in American Falls along the traditional parade route.

Mayer reported that the city crew worked hard this past month on weed work, prep and cleanup work for Aberdeen Daze, street work including sweeping main street and Mayer writing the annual water report. In the next month they will do some sealcoat prep, street patching, help with the waste water project and work at the park.

Motions to pay bills for the Star and Keller corporations were passed. City bills were paid.

The meeting recessed until Tuesday, July 23, for a work meeting on the budget and completion of job descriptions for city employees.



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