Lee Street parking, and project updates

A.F. council addresses skateboard park,

The American Falls City Council meeting on Thursday, July 18, addressed parking for American Falls Day, the skateboard park, updates on the downtown project and funding for the (WWTP) Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The council spent some time wondering how much the WWTP shop project will cost. Engineer estimates were $1.42 million. The council debated acquiring loans for some time, finally deciding to put off the final vote so that they could hold further discussion.

Right now there are two buildings that serve as housing for equipment, but as City Water/Waste Superintendent Pete Cortez said the current buildings were not much of a shop.

“It is not much of a shop just a housing area,” said Cortez. “This project solves long term storage problems and shortcomings.”

The outdoor swap meet brought in enough money for five benches and several garbage cans. With the council’s approval the IFFT grant would bring in additional funding for the rest of the benches and trash cans. Updates on the IFFT grant were presented and approved by the council.

Parks and Recreation Superintendent Jeremy Peirsol presented the final skateboard park design for approval. Peirsol traveled around Southeastern Idaho searching for inspiration for the skateboard park. The concept was drawn up by Spohn Ranch and approved by the council.

Diagonal parking on the park side at Lee Street Park was approved for American Falls Day to create additional parking spaces.

The use of the softball field at Willow Bay for the Kyle Curry Memorial co-ed softball tournament was approved.


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