School patrons will vote on plant facility levy

Aberdeen School patrons will head to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 27, to decide the fate of a $275,000 plant facility levy.

Polls will be open at Aberdeen Legion Hall and Springfield Shop.

Trustees are asking for $275,000 for a plant facility levy for five years. Normally, according to superintendent Jane Ward, plant facility levies are for ten years. Because the district bond levy will end in five years they chose to have a five year plant facility levy. After that five years is up and the district has paid off their bond, they will reassess the financial state of the district. At the end of the five years all the buildings in the district will be paid for and they can revisit what the patrons want the schools to look like and how the district can solve the bigger maintenance issues. All plant facility funds will be used to maintain the existing facilities.

The district has set up a five year plan. Over the five years they hope to accomplish the following: boiler repairs ($30,000), three heat pumps ($30,000), roof repairs ($53,000), custodial equipment ($35,000), desks, chairs and tables ($31,000), snow removal equipment ($15,000), locks on main doors ($14,000), and professional maintenance person ($67,000 – $50,000 is for salary). That totals $275,000.

School district business manager Frank Dye broke down the cost of the levy to the taxpayers. He said the property owner of an $80,000 home would pay about $48.84 per year. The levy would cost about eight cents per acre of farm ground. (See tables below)

“ Aberdeen School District is dedicated to learning and teaching for success. It is our hope that you, as taxpayers, will feel it important to provide the funds to maintain our buildings as they have been in the past for years to come,” said Ward.



Plant Facilities Levy Tax Total Assessed Tax on Tax Per $1000

Levy Amount Rate Market Valuation $80,000 House Assessed Property

(See***below) (See*below) See** below

$275,000 .001221 $225,200,785 $48.84 $.04884

(Sept. 2012)

* $80,000 assessed value on home minus homeowner’s exemption – $40,000 taxable property. (homeowner’s exemption = 50% of first home up to the value of $202,506).

** To figure your agricultural property taxes, divide your assessed value by 1000 & multiply the result by the amount of this column.

*** This amount usually increases each year which would result in a lower tax rate next year (This market value is calculated each September by the State Tax Commission and disseminated by Bingham County).

Farm Ground (assessed in the district at approx 1/3 real value)

Actual Value Assessed Value Increase Tax/Acre

Per Acre Per Acre

Highest Valued Land $5,400 $1,800 Div by 1000 $(0.087912)

= 1.80 x (.04884)

Lowest Valued Land $2,000 $660 Div by 1000 $(0.032234)

= 0.66 x (.04884)

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