Candidate deadline approaches for several county taxing districts

Elections for representatives on several county taxing district boards will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5. Positions up for re-election include city council seats in American Falls and Rockland; cemetery district board positions in Falls View, Rockland Valley View, and Arbon; and fire district board positions in American Falls Rural, Rockland Rural, and Eastern Power County.

American Falls Mayor Marc Beitia is also up for re-election; and has expressed an interest in serving another four years.

Running for re-election on city council in American Falls are Maria Rangel and M. Dan Hammond. Not contending for a spot on the council is Kathy Robertson. Robertson announced earlier she would bow out.

“I love being on the city council, but I don’t have that “thing”. Some people have a flair for public administration. I don’t feel that I have that special talent,” said Robertson.

All four council positions are up for election in the city of Rockland. Those seats are currently held by Brian Woodworth, Austin Turley, Joe Jones and Vern Nelson.

Rockland City Clerk Denise Ralphs said all four positions are up for election because all members were appointed within the last year.

“When you are appointed you run for election in the next election,” said Ralphs.

To avoid this incident in the coming years, two council members will run for two year terms and two will run for four year terms in the November election.

Those holding seats on cemetery district boards include: Arwyn Thornton for Falls View Cemetery District #3, Vivian Charles for Rockland Valley View Cemetery District #2, and Bill Curry for Arbon Cemetery District #3.

Kellie Gubler of Eastern Power County Fire District #1 and Connie Rowland of Eastern Power County District #2 are also up for grabs. Calls to American Falls Rural and Rockland Rural Fire District were not returned prior to Press deadline.

The last day to return petitions to run for a county position is Friday, Sept. 6, at 5 p.m.

Petitions may be picked up at the Power County Clerk’s office.

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