Aberdeen school patrons approve plant facility levy

Although voting participation was very low, Aberdeen School District patrons approved the $275,000 plant facility levy at the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 27. A total of 213 people cast their votes in absentee ballots, the Aberdeen precinct and the Springfield/Sterling precinct.

 In the Aberdeen precinct a total of 128 people voted – 98 for the levy and 30 against the levy. In the Springfield/Sterling precinct a total of 60 voted with 40 voting for the levy and 20 voting against. In the absentee ballots, of the 25 cast, 9 were for and 16 were against.

 A total of 147 votes were cast for the levy and 66 against the levy for a total of 69 percent for and 31 percent against.

 All plant facility funds will be used to maintain the existing facilities.

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