Aberdeen Elementary School has two new teachers in the ranks

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The Aberdeen Elementary School has two new teachers in the halls and classrooms this year. They are Barbara Smith, teaching fourth grade, and Sandy Kindt, as the preschool special education teacher and the resource room teacher for kindergarten through second grade students.

Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith is originally from Burley, ID, and graduated high school from Burley High. She attended Idaho State University and received a secondary education degree in home economics. She later went back to school and earned her degree in elementary education. She did her student teaching at Hillcrest Elementary in American Falls.

This will be her first full-time teaching position, but she has been a substitute teacher in Idaho and Utah for about 20 years. She decided to apply for a position in Aberdeen because it is close to her home in American Falls.

Barbara has been married to John for 21 years. He was in the Navy for 10 years and they have lived from New Jersey to Washington. He is a massage therapist now in American Falls. They have two children, Joseph, who graduated two years ago, and Krysta, who is a senior at American Falls High School.

Her hobbies include sewing and card making although she said she doesn’t have much time for either. She is spending her time with lesson plans in order to teach the Common Core.

She said she loves teaching and she has a really great class.

“The Common Core takes a lot of time and there is not much time for any extra things in class,” she said.

Smith said she wants her students to have confidence and feel successful in the learning and other things they do.

“Feeling successful is so very important in a child’s learning experience. If they are successful, they will like to learn,” she said.

“I am glad to have the opportunity to teach your kids. They are awesome.”

Sandy Kindt

Sandy Kindt has been in the teaching field for about 30 years. All of those teaching years have been in early childhood or primary age teaching. The longest she has been in one place was 21 years in northwest Montana. During those years she taught pre-school, special education, elementary education and was a literacy coach. She has taught in Illinois, Montana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan and Idaho.

Kindt was born in upstate New York in the town of Schenectady. She then earned her bachelor’s degree from Buffalo State College in New York. Her first teaching position was in Rockford, IL. She moved with her husband to Kalispell, MT. While there, she taught and also attended school, receiving her masters degree from the University of Montana in Missoula. They have also lived in Boston, MA, for four years and Lansing, MI, for two years.

Her husband got a job in Pocatello and that is where they are living now. She applied for a teaching position in Aberdeen because the position open was in her line of previous work and experience. She is teaching pre-school in the morning and is the resource room teacher in the afternoon for kindergarten through second grade.

Kindt’s goal in the classroom is to help the children love coming to school. She wants them to gain a love of learning and so she is trying to make learning fun.

She said she is happy to be back in the west because she enjoys hiking, canoeing, backpacking, snow shoeing, swimming and being outdoors. She also loves to spend time in nature with children. She likes to help them learn of the wonders of nature.

“I like working with younger children. I want their families to know and become involved in their child’s learning experience. I love involving the families. That is a big part of the community,” she said.

She puts a strong literacy emphasis on reading and wants her children and parents of those children to read.

“You have a wonderful resource in your Aberdeen District Library. There are books, CD, computers, and other things. Go explore the library. I would love to see it used as much as possible,” Kindt said.

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