Aberdeen mayor acknowledges Muirbrook for community service

Paul Muirbrook was recognized for his service to the community by Aberdeen Mayor Morgan Anderson at the Aberdeen City Council meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10. Anderson said Muirbrook donated time and equipment to help keep weeds under control in the city. His service is greatly appreciated.

Hearing this news were council members Mary Leisy, Katherine O’Brien, Lisa Pankau, Larry Barrett, Brian Schneider and Craig Wampler. Also attending the meeting were city police officer Delwin Wheeler, city attorney Dan Acevedo, city employee Richard Mayer and city clerk Linda Balls.

Since there was no new business to come before the council, the mayor asked for reports from council members for the different departments.

Golf Course

Schneider reported to the council that the golf course was still open, but that they were aerating the greens. They hope to remain open through October.

Airport and Gem Trail

Leisy talked about the problems with the tractor at the airport. The warranty is still good so the company came to fix it. They had to take it back to their business for that purpose. The Gem Trail had a meeting on Thursday, Sept. 12. They continue to work on grants for the trail.

Recycling center

The recycling center is looking much cleaner due to the efforts of the Henry Rupp family and their son-in-law, Darren Jacob, said O’Brien. Anderson asked O’Brien to read a pediatric cancer proclamation, after which the council approved the proclamation. (See separate article on proclamation.)

Wastewater project

Wampler updated the council on the wastewater project. They worked on a main water line, changing it from a two inch line to a six inch line which increased the water pressure. They would like to put a water hydrant out at the plant if possible. They are getting ready to construct the UV system building and are close to hooking up the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, which links the wastewater system to a computer network at city hall where the operation of the system can be reviewed in case of a problem.

Planning and Zoning, employees

Barrett reported on the Planning and Zoning meeting. They granted a variance to Dennis Speth for his garage. They recommended appointing John Pena to the P & Z board. It was approved. Barrett then asked about passing the public works maintenance job description. The council approved the description with the right to update as needed.

Mayer told the council what the city crew had been focusing on this past month. They have repaired water leaks, went to three training sessions on the water project, helped place the water main into the plant and worked on weed beating. They will continue to help with the wastewater project, work on replacing signs and also clean some sewer lines.

The bills were approved regarding the wastewater project for STAR corporation and Keller Associates. The regular city bills were approved which included the water bond bill.

The meeting was adjourned until Tuesday, Oct. 8.

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