Eagle sculpture donated to Springfield Cemetery


The eagle sculpture that has been sitting on Alan DeGiulio’s property on Highway 39 near Springfield has been donated by Lori DeGiulio and moved to the Springfield Cemetery. The sculpture was moved on Monday, Nov. 18, by Bingham County. It is sitting in the new cemetery area. Next spring or summer, a concrete pad will be placed under it and it is possible, according to Richard Koompin, that the Aberdeen American Legion will place their flags around it and hold their Memorial Day services there.

The eagle was started in about 2008 and finished in 2010. The project was a cooperative effort of Chelsy Havlicak (the artist), her grandfather Alan DeGiulio (the welder) and her brother (the engineer) Rick Havlicak.

The project first came about because there were some large lava rocks that were pulled from the surrounding fields of Springfield. The rocks were so heavy they had to use a loader to set the rocks on reinforced steel bars. After they constructed what appears to be a Stonehenge replica, they wondered what to put on top of the massive base.

They decided on an eagle because the lava rocks look like a perch and they also wanted something that looked like it was flying, to represent the wind that is constantly blowing in Springfield. It was basically designed by all three of them as they went along.

Rick designed and constructed the internal structure of the eagle so it would be strong enough to be displayed on top of the rocks. Alan spent countless hours welding each individual stainless steel feather on the frame. Chelsy sculpted the head and feet out of wax. Then they took the head and feet to Blackfoot Brass. They cast the head and feet and then poured metal into the cast. The head and feet of the eagle were born.

The sculpture was donated because Lori DeGiulio has moved and will be selling the house where the eagle sat.

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