Aberdeen council receives brief on Bingham County hazard plan

Rick Fawcett from Whisper Mountain briefed the Aberdeen City Council on the hazard mitigation plan for Bingham County when the council met Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Fawcett discussed how they decided the different ranking criteria and Aberdeen’s rank per category. Ranks are designated from high to none for each risk factor. Usually this plan is renewed every five years but they finished this particular plan early.

The purpose of the plan is to prevent and protect residents from natural and man-made disasters. It includes all the cities within Bingham County. With this plan involvement, the city can then be eligible for pre-disaster grants and help to rebuild after a disaster.

Mayor Morgan Anderson, council members Mary Leisy, Lisa Pankau, Brian Schneider, Larry Barrett, Katherine O’Brien and Craig Wampler heard the report. Also at the meeting were city clerk Linda Balls, city employee Richard Mayer, city attorney Dan Acevedo and police chief Ray Dalling.

Leisy then updated the council on the community review process and meetings.

She said the community review would involve looking at three specifics areas for improvement within the City of Aberdeen. Specialists in their fields will come to talk, look and observe Aberdeen to gather information about the needs for the community in these areas which are infrastructure, economic development and downtown revitalization. Input from the community is welcome.

Contact Leisy or anyone else on the city council if you would like to be involved.

The mayor then asked the council to approve and accept the recent election results. The council approved them.

Anderson then asked for reports from the different departments.

Personnel, equipment, P&Z

Barrett asked council members if they would be willing to meet with the city employees on a monthly or quarterly basis in order to discuss any problems or concerns. The council agreed to meet quarterly with the different city employees on a rotating schedule which Barrett and Anderson will work up.

Planning and Zoning decided that storage containers may only be used on a temporary basis and the user must have a temporary use permit. The city employees asked if it was possible to purchase a new sander box. It was decided that three bids were needed before a final resolution could be made.

Community review/Gem Trail

Leisy talked about the community review. She also said that the Gem Trail committee is working on obtaining grants for the next section of the trail.


O’Brien has researched some different companies for recycling to make sure the city receives the best deal. More details will be coming at the next meeting.


Wampler reported on the wastewater project. He said they are moving forward and are just about ready to hook up the new and old systems. A new ordinance will be coming dealing with the wastewater.


Pankau said she was working on the application for Tree City USA.


Mayor Anderson asked the council members if they would agree to stay in charge of the same departments they currently oversee for the new year. Karalee Krehbiel Bonzon will take over Pankau’s department as the new city council member.

Anderson attended a meeting in Boise about the pollutant deal, transportation issues and gasoline fuel tax. He said that within the state there are 679 bridges which need to be replaced.

Mayer reported to the council about the work the city crew has accomplished this month. They have repaired the garbage truck, fixed the locks on the access box at the airport, cleaned main street drain boxes, graded some gravel roads, fixed runway lights, picked up 92 loads during alley clean-up, street patches and some sign work. In the future they will continue to repair equipment, fix a sludge bag feed line, do a fire extinguisher check and work at the wastewater plant.

Bills to STAR Corporation and Aberdeen city bills were approved for payment.

The next city council meeting will be on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014.

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