Aberdeen council begins year with one new member

After taking care of some housekeeping business for last year, the Aberdeen City Council reconvened with the swearing in of three members at the regular meeting held Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Mayor Morgan Anderson called the meeting to order. In attendance were council members Katherine O’Brien, Mary Leisy, Lisa Pankau, Brian Schneider, Larry Barrett, City Attorney Dan Acevedo, Police Chief Ray Dalling, City Clerk Linda Balls and city employee Richard Mayer.

The minutes were approved. Bills were approved to be paid to Star and Keller. The regular city bills were approved to be paid.

Recently elected council members were then sworn in by the mayor. Council members sworn in were Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon, Mary Leisy and Brian Schneider. Anderson thanked council woman Lisa Pankau for her hard work the past eight years. He presented her a plaque in recognition of that hard work.

He then asked the newly sworn in council members to take their seats. Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon will take over the department that Lisa Pankau was in charge of. He asked Brian Schneider to continue as chairman of the board. He consented.

Anderson then gave his State of the City address. He discussed tax bases, the upcoming Simplot plant closure, the wastewater treatment plant and the hard work of both the council members and the city workers. He talked about new businesses wanting to come into Aberdeen, especially Family Dollar, and plans for the future. (See State of the City Address for further information)

Anderson asked Pankau to report on her department before the council members were sworn in. She had some information about the insurance pool which the city is a part, which didn’t change what the city currently does. After his State of the City address, he welcomed Krehbiel-Bonzon to the council, and then asked the other council members to report on their departments.

Recycling, Solid Waste, & Streets and Alleys

O’Brien reported to the council about changes at the recycling center. Cardboard totes are now at the depot. Some safety issues were discussed concerning the building. She praised the work that Henry Rupp and Darren Jacobs do and have done at the recycling center.

Wastewater and Personnel

Wampler told the council about the progress at the wastewater treatment plant. He said the first step in running the plant is going smoothly. They are testing it first with plain water and then will start the process for switching over. The concrete work has been done on the building for the UV system and construction of the building will continue. The plant just has some odds and ends to finish before completion. The completion of the plant and the project should also bring the plant into compliance with the agreement with DEQ.

Planning & Zoning, Personnel, and Equipment

Barrett informed the council that a cargo container ordinance will be completed for approval in the next few days. It will go to P & Z and then to the council for approval. He told Richard Mayer he was still waiting for the estimates on the sanding box. He would like to get moving on this and requested that Mayer see what the holdup was.

Board Chairman, Water, Golf Course, Personnel

Schneider reported that Hazard Creek Golf Course will keep the same prices as last year. Brian Beck is the manager of the golf course. Friends of Hazard Creek and Schneider had a productive meeting where he learned they will have a benefit for the golf course as well as an appreciation day for friends and residents of Hazard Creek. He found them dedicated and involved in the running the course. Anyone with questions about the golf course may call Brian Beck, Paul Muirbrook or Paul Behrend.

Airport and Gem Community

Leisy told the council they need to decide about the extended warranty for the tractor at the airport. She will talk with the city crew and find out what they recommend. She would like to go with Holland in Idaho Falls.

The Gem Community continues to work on a grant for the Gem Trail through Parks and Recreation. The community review committee and planning are coming together. There are three teams: Mayor Anderson will head up the economic aspect; Leisy, infrastructure; and Krehbiel-Bonzon, revitalization. The community review will take place March 4 to 6. Experts will come and tour Aberdeen to look at all three aspects to make suggestions for improvements.

Insurance, Parks & Recreation, Mayor’s Youth Council

Krehbiel-Bonzon asked the council who to talk to about the Mayor’s Youth Council at the school. She was told her contact was through the Bingham Youth group in Bingham County.

Anderson has been appointed to the Association of Idaho Cities legislative committee. He will attend meetings in Boise which concern the governing of Idaho cities.

Mayer reported to the council what he and the city crew accomplished this past month. They have put in a temporary sludge line, fixed and placed some stop signs, dug graves, fixed equipment, did some sampling and exercised the wells, went to a class on the new generator, snow work and sanding at intersections and helping at the wastewater plant. They will work on hauling gravel if time, plant work, and continue to work on city equipment. Mayer will complete the water report on the year’s usage.

The meeting was adjourned until Tuesday, Feb. 11.

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