City hosting community review

Visiting group will study town, then make “focus area” recommendations

At the invitation of the city, Aberdeen will be benefiting from a community review from March 4 to 6. Community reviews have energized community and economic development efforts in 30 rural Idaho communities since 2000. Analysis and recommendations are provided by a visiting team of professionals who come from a variety of public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses.

Aberdeen community leaders selected three “focus areas” for the community review: economic development, infrastructure, and downtown revitalization. During the three-day review, the visiting team will meet with community leaders, residents, and business owners to learn about Aberdeen’s assets, opportunities, and challenges.

The review process includes conducting community listening sessions with numerous stakeholder groups. A detailed written report will be presented to the community two to three months after the community review.

As part of the community review process, Aberdeen residents are asked to complete and send in the one-page survey they will be receiving in early February. They are also being encouraged to attend two meetings related to the review.

“We hope everyone will take time to fill out the survey and return it, so we can use the comments during the Community Review,” said Mayor Morgan Anderson.

Coordinated by the Idaho Rural Partnership, the Idaho Community Review Program is a collaborative project of the Association of Idaho Cities, Idaho Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Rural Development, the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Idaho Housing & Finance Association, and University of Idaho.

Visiting team members do not receive compensation through the program and are responsible for the cost of their motel accommodations and transportation to and from the community. The cost to the community is limited to postage for the survey of Aberdeen households and  meals and transportation in the community during the review.

Community Meetings

All Aberdeen residents are invited and encouraged to attend two town hall-type community meetings happening during the community review. The first will be a Community Meeting, Tuesday, March 4, from 7 to 9 p.m., where residents will be able to share their opinions and ideas to make Aberdeen a better place to live and work. The second meeting will be Visiting Team Presentations, planned Thursday, March 6, from 7 to 9 p.m., where they can listen to and discuss the visiting team’s preliminary observations and recommendations about economic development, infrastructure, and downtown revitalization in Aberdeen. Both meetings will be held in the Mennonite Church Fellowship Hall, 381 W. Washington Street in Aberdeen.

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    For those who haven’t completed a paper survey prior to the review, you may do so online at

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