Lance Earl seeks seat in Idaho Legislature

Lance Earl of Rockland has announced that he is running for the Idaho State Legislature as a representative for District 28B, which includes all of Power County.

Earl describes himself as a student of the Constitution and remains firmly dedicated to the principles outlined therein. He said he knows that all government activity must be examined in the clear light of the Constitution and he will make a firm stand with regard to limiting and reducing the unconstitutional power and influence of government in the lives of Idahoans.

In his campaign announcement, Earl said he will stand against any law that embraces the concept of legal plunder (redistribution of wealth). He firmly believes that those who enjoy abundance also have a duty to assist those among us who have little. However, this giving cannot be compelled without robbing from one to give to another. If it is a crime for one person or group to take forcefully from another, then it must remain a crime for the government to do so on behalf of the taker.

Earl said he will resist any law that identifies a small segment of the population and grants to them rights and powers and privileges and protections that are denied to the rest of the populous.

Prosperity will not come if businesses are strangled under a mountain of regulation, licensing and taxes, said Earl. Additionally, the current state practice of purchasing “for profit” businesses and using them to compete, tax free, against Idaho businesses is beyond contempt. Earl will fight against all policy that encumbers free enterprise.

Obamacare, Ottercare, Common Core and Medicaid expansion are examples of the federal government, in direct opposition to the Constitution, dictating to the states and challenging their sovereignty, said Earl. This occurs when the federal government taxes Idahoans and then only returns that money to the state if it crumbles to federal dictate.

The tenth amendment prohibits the federal government from becoming involved in education, health care, highway maintenance and a vast number of other activities, he said, adding that Washington has learned that through bribery and extortion, it can exercise great control in areas that are constitutionally prohibited.

Earl said he will fight to expose and reverse this practice.

” ‘We the People’ are the largest words in the constitution. This was not by accident. We were meant to have power and control over government,” said Earl. “Today is the day for the people to rise up and demand honesty, integrity and non-interference from our government.

Earl can be reached at His campaign treasurer is Jonathan Zundel.


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