No interest shown to run Willow Bay

Golf course attracts two bids

by Daniel Moore
Press staff writer

No bids were submitted to lease the Willow Bay Marina Cafe and Campground before the bid opening date of Wednesday, Feb. 12. The City of American Falls owns the property, but contracts with a business owner to operate the cafe.

Two people did bid to become the American Falls Golf Course golf pro, another city bid that ran congruent with the Willow Bay bid. Bill Beck, the current pro, rebid for the position, as did Dennis Howell Jr. The city council will decide who recieves that contract with the help of a mayor-formed committee.

Former contractors Chuck and Jennifer Carroll left management of the Willow Bay property in mid December through a mutual agreement with the city.

The city council will have to decide what to do next with the property, said Mayor Marc Beitia. The council could send the property out to bid again, or they could approach individuals they think could manage the property.

“There are ways forward,” he said.

The campground is currently open through an agreement with the wife of the construction manager of the wastewater treatment plant. She currently lives on site. The city has not yet decided how much they will pay her for her services, said Beitia, and they don’t know what will happen after she leaves.

The cafe is closed until a contractor is found for the property.

The city council will discuss the issue tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 19, during the council meeting which starts at 7 p.m. at city hall.

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