Students charged in stun-gun incident

by Kurtis Workman
Press Staff Writer


Two William Thomas Middle School students have been charged with one count of misdemeanor battery each for playing with a stun-gun.

The two 14 year-old males charged in the case are accused of using the stun-gun on a third student.

The personal protection device using stored electrical current to repel attackers belonged to the parents of one of the two students charged.

A stun-gun differs from a Taser in that it requires the device to come into contact with the person being stunned. A Taser uses two probes trailing wires that are propelled by compressed gas from a distance.

According to police reports one of the accused young men brought the stun-gun to school and with encouragement from the second young man used the stun-gun on the third student before turning the device on himself.

Police investigations did not indicate serious injury to the alleged victim however the incident was deemed to be an assault.

American Falls Police Detective Josh Campbell said it is not a case of intentional violence.

“These are all rowdy, but really good kids that made a stupid choice,” Campbell said.

Along with criminal charges the incident is also being handled by school officials under the school district’s weapons policy.

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