P.C. Sheriff’s Office nabs Washington’s most wanted


The most wanted man in Washington State is in the Power County Jail. Ricardo Castellanos escaped from a Washington Department of Corrections’ probation office in Pasco, WA, several weeks ago.

According to a posting on www.catchwmw.com, Castellanos was checking in with probation officials and “sensed he was about to be arrested and sprinted from the DOC office in Pasco where he was checking in.”

The website stated Castellanos, also known as “Crazy Chico,” is a “violent gang member, woman abuser and deeply into meth.”

Power County Sheriff Jim Jeffries said Castellanos was arrested at a home in American Falls on Wednesday, March 26, without significant incident.

“Our detectives did a very good job. The location where Castellanos was apprehended could have made this arrest much more difficult,” Jeffries said.

Catellanos was arrested in a trailer he was sharing with his new wife located on Hillcrest Avenue.

Jeffries said detectives were able to locate Castellanos through tips from the website.

“Our detectives acted on tips left on Washington’s most wanted website,” said Jeffries.

Jeffries also said his office was assisted by other local law enforcement agencies.

“The American Falls Police Department assisted with the actual arrest and the STAR Team was on standby just in case. Our detectives did a very good job making contingency plans,” said Jeffries.

Catellanos is not charged with any local crimes. He is currently in the Power County Jail awaiting extradition proceedings.


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