The price of a puppy

Last week I mentioned being in a road rage incident. I didn’t think anything of it until I received a missed call from my mom. I was driving so Adriana called her back and I could hear my mom asking, “Was your bumper pretty loose?” I had one spot that was cracked but nothing was loose on it. She told Adriana that she was in a hit and run accident by KFC in Pocatello.

She was going down Yellowstone when a car was trying to get out of the KFC parking lot. Being the saint that she is, she stopped and waved the person in, not knowing the person behind her wasn’t observing what was in front of them. That car rear-ended my mom. She couldn’t just park the car on that busy road so she waved the other person to follow her into the KFC parking lot… they didn’t get the memo and sped off. Thankfully two women saw everything, called the cops and followed the car.

All of this was going through my head and I started to wonder, “How crazy would that be if it was the person in the road rage incident and they saw my car and decided to get more revenge?” Obviously that’s a little far fetched and it wasn’t the case. The man was pulled over later and said he didn’t think it was serious because my mom didn’t immediately get out of the car. It’s been a rough couple weeks for The Red Rhino… that’s the name of my car… everybody has a name for their car whether they like to admit it or not.

Adriana and I are coming in on two months to our wedding and we decided we didn’t have enough on our plate so we started looking at adopting a puppy from an animal shelter. I asked my parents what they thought because they would be fairly involved with it since I’m domesticated in their house for now. They started to tell me everything I have to plan on and what to expect. “They WILL pee everywhere!” “Dogs tear up everything… it’s not their fault, that’s just who they are.” “How will it get along with Sox?” All very legitimate questions and concerns. My rebuttals were that it is good practice for starting a family. That statement gave my dad the chills when it came out of my mouth.

They aren’t against dogs. They actually love them and are great dog lovers, they just want me to be sure we’re up for it. My mom and dad are opening up to it, little by little. I showed a picture of one of the puppies to my mom and she about melted in her seat.

Sox on the other hand is a wildcard. Mr. Crompton, who is technically the owner of Sox, and I could see it going either way. She could really love this puppy… or she could eat it. I doubt it will be an issue but Sox is getting in her latter years and she’s gone through two ACL tears, we’re praying not a third tear right now. I did some research on whether puppies help older dogs feel young again and it wasn’t much help. It just said it depends on the family, supervision and the dogs. The main thing I got from the articles is that dogs take time and a big chunk of responsibility to make them a true member of a family. Whatever we decide, the future is bright for the next addition of this Crompton family, Adriana and a future puppy.

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