City passes nuisance vehicle ordinance

The nuisance vehicle ordinance that has been discussed over the past few months was approved and passed by Aberdeen City Council members present at the regular board meeting Tuesday, Feb. 11. Present at the meeting were mayor Larry Barrett and council members Karalee Krehbiel, Mary Leisy, Brian Schneider, Alan Summers and Karl Vollmer. Diane Hernandez was absent because she was visiting a new granddaughter.

Last month city attorney Garrett Sandow presented the council with the nuisance vehicle ordinance from Blackfoot. He changed it a little bit to fit Aberdeen. This ordinance deals with vehicles that are parked on private property.

Sandow said the changes made from the last meeting were the time frame to get the nuisance vehicles moved was changed from 72 hours to ten days. Added to the ordinance was the statement that the ordinance does not apply to certain businesses and if they are under a car port, behind a privacy fence, etc.

The ordinance adds to the already existing code and does not change what the city already has in place.


Stephanie Wallace was appointed as city clerk/treasurer.

Brian Beck asked the city council to put an extension on the permit he purchased for the storage van body. He would get it moved as soon as possible but the weather hasn’t been conducive to moving it. Sandow said he paid $15 for his permit and, according to the ordinance, there is not more charge for an extension of the permit. Barrett asked how long of an extension he needed..

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