Aberdeen football coaches deserve support of community

Letters to the editor

I’d like to thank the Aberdeen High School football coaches for all they do and have done for our school and community. They deserve our appreciation and support for all their hard work and commitment. It is important to recognize that head coach Jeff Duffin has lead what is most likely the most successful run in Aberdeen High School sports history. Here are some facts about what he and his staff have accomplished in eight seasons.

· 2 state championship runner-up trophies (Aberdeen had only played in one other state championship football game. 1978 if I am not mistaken)

· 1 – third place trophy

· 2 district championships

· 2 undefeated regular seasons

· Never lost to American Falls or Malad. Lost to Soda Springs only once

· Beaten West Side twice. (Aberdeen has beaten West Side only eight times in approximately 40 years

· Never had a losing regular season record

· Overall record of 56 wins and only 25 losses

· Regular season record of 47 wins and only 17 losses

· Playoff record of nine wins and eight losses

· Jeff’s teams have outscored opponents on average 29-17. That’s two touchdowns per game!

These numbers are incredible. These types of accomplishments require very good coaching. We have very good coaches! Jeff’s staff includes the following coaches. They need to be recognized as well:

· Derek Jolley

· Jared Reed

· Joe Ingersoll

· Austin Horrocks

· Cesar Cerna

Most of them are very involved not only with the high school program, but with the youth program as well.

Derek has helped coach numerous youth teams while also coaching the high school team. He coached the current juniors and seniors in three youth spring football seasons. We played teams from Rigby to Meridian to Ontario, OR. He also coached the seniors, juniors, and sophomores to youth championship games. All of the coaches live in Aberdeen. Some have spouses who teach or have coached in our community as well.

We are very, very fortunate to have these coaches. I shudder to think what the program would be without them.

Coaching football is not easy, let alone win most of your games! Believe me. It takes countless hours of off-season preparation, watching film, and scouting other teams. It is very, very competitive. It is impossible to please everyone from fans, to parents, to administrators.

I believe they will win state championships. According to magicvalley.com, it took Coach Kidd at Declo 26 years to win the first of four state championships (he coached for 33 years). The long-time former coach of West Side, Lyle Henderson won just one state championship and it wasn’t until the end of his career.

Our coaches need us to also rise to the occasion. Do we complain a little too much about our sons’ playing time or position? Do we support their off-season weight, speed, and team training programs? Believe me, I know the coaches take their personal approach very seriously. Do they make some mistakes sometimes? Yes, we all do, but the facts above speak for themselves.

We are all fans. It’s human nature to have suggestions or some complaints. If we are ever tempted to complain, let’s also look inward and see what we can do to support Jeff, Derek, and the coaches!

Braden Driscoll

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