After all, it’s only American Falls

To the editor,

I attended an interesting city council meeting on March 3, part of which was consideration of an ordinance to allow the raising of chickens and rabbits in the city limits.

I spoke to an out-of-town friend afterward voicing my concern about chicken runs in the neighborhood, to which he laughingly replied, “Well, what do you expect? It’s American Falls!”

Considering his remark, I expect people to be responsible with the animals they already own, including their behavior and cleaning up after them. I expect people to have appropriate mufflers on the vehicles they drive and not roar through the neighborhood as if they are on the track at Daytona Beach. I expect people to set their music blasters to a reasonable volume. An attempt to keep the weeds down around the junk stacked on vacant lots would be wonderful!

Do I expect too much? After all, it’s only American Falls.

I know that passing an enforceable ordinance to require people to be considerate of their neighbors would be impossible. I hear people bemoan the decline of this community, and I want to remind them that there are beautiful homes, good businesses and wonderful people here, but sadly, we have learned not every neighborhood qualifies as desirable. It seems the reputation of this community precedes it and I believe most people are concerned as to whether or not it can be revived. Let’s not encourage further deterioration.

Just a concerned citizen,

Patricia Roper

American Falls

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