Thanks for blood donations

To the editor,

I thank the many community members that took the time to donate blood Tuesday, Feb. 15 in American Falls. Because of your donation we were able to collect 33 units of whole blood and four units of double red cells. Each blood donation can help save up to three lives. I am very grateful for your time, generosity and dedication to helping others. We had a very successful drive thanks to all of you. We hope we will see you again at our next blood drive on April 19, 2022 at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Thank you St. John’s Lutheran Church and Pastor Beake for the use of the gymnasium. Thank you to all the generous donors: Sarah Smith, Mark Love, Jami Adair, Patricia Wright, Richard Udy, Patricia Chase, Todd Burry, Kathy Koompin, Kathy Crane, Janice Smith, Paul Bammert, Cori Bartholoma, Kevin Steinlicht, Aneatra Walker, Denise Miller, Kathleen Wagoner, James Fletcher, Christine Mauch, Sandie McCraw, James McCraw, Melvin Thomson, Anson Call, Dallas Clinger, Shane Bolgen, Tennille Call, Kathryn Phelps, Robert Phelps, Jessica Spillett, Danny Whisman, Gerald Brady, Ben Spillett, Leeann Bolgen, Chance Morgan, Bambi Hoover, Larry Bethlehem, Jerra Ralphs, Darlene Bauer, Heather Hornbacher and Ian Fullmer.

Teresa Tuma, event coordinator

Thanks for reading!

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