How can we help with landscaping at Aberdeen performing arts center?

Dear Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen School Board,

First of all, let me just say how grateful we as a community, as a school, as the Arts Council, and as myself, are for the beautiful edifice of the new auditorium. It has blessed us all so much and raised the level of culture in our community. I am grateful it is being well used by our community, schools, and outside events, and represents our community well.

I am concerned though, that since its completion three years ago (Jan 2019), the landscaping has not been finished. The landscaping

hat is completed is beautiful and well maintained. But unfortunately, in the most visible spot, the very front of this beautiful building, the landscaping is bare and an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful place.

I am not sure who is responsible for what, but I’m concerned that agreements may not have been reached, for whatever reason, or commitments may not have been honored. Whatever the hold up, I think there are many in our community who would be willing to help move this project along with helping hands, and maybe some monies.

What can we do to help? Others like myself, who have been wondering and getting a bit nervous at the delay, would like some feedback and input on this situation. When can we expect this to be completed?

Please know of our gratitude of all that has been accomplished to bring about this feat, the building of this and other buildings that have enhanced our community so much. I am grateful, while also being a little concerned. Let’s get this project completed and put the finishing touches on our Aberdeen Auditorium!


Julie Millett

Thanks for reading!

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