Were mayor, council up front with decisions?

To the editor,

I found your June 8 issue supportive of education and community concerns. Thank you for that community service.

The front page “A.F. faces water issues” suggests obtaining an $11 million loan to match a federal grant. I attended a city council meeting in 2021 where it was decided, after three years of study, to table that issue to avoid putting it before the voters with a bond issue to move forward with necessary meters and an associated new rate schedule to begin waterline updates. Now the mayor and city council are suggesting a new rate schedule and a new $11 million budget obligation without any voter input.

The back page features a photo of the first fiber optic internet connection to provide “faster” service to A.F. families ($50/month?). This A.F. expense was approved without voter input by the mayor and city council after they passed on addressing water issues. Remind me how much city funding A.F. residents paid for this project and resulting damage to our streets.

Were the mayor and city council members “up front” with their decisions on these two issues?

Don Johnson


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