Thanks for help, support to finish Fremont Avenue

To the editor,

As many of you may have noticed, West Fremont Avenue is almost completed. When finished, it will be a welcome addition to our newly built school. This project has been ongoing for over three years. Hoping that we would receive some additional money from a grant, but when this failed to happen, we decided to proceed on our own.

By trading with Bingham County and with the help of the Aberdeen-Springfield Canal Company, we were able to install the drainage system, saving about $75,000.

Also with trading with the county we were able to get the road surveyed, excavated and the gravel to bring it back up to grade.

I am so very proud and thankful for all the support the city got from the county, canal company and especially from our farming community. Every person I called so graciously volunteered a truck and driver to assist us in the removal of the dirt and hauling of the gravel. By this action from these people the city was able to save about $96,000 from the original bid.

I can’t express how proud and grateful I am of this town and its patrons and their generosity to see this project done.

Again, thank you to all these people:

The City Crew – Robert, Kelvin, Jeff, Vince and Kenny

Bingham County Road and Bridge – Dusty, Troy, John and Dave

Aberdeen-Springfield Canal Company – Steve, Dave, JR and Clay

Harper Leavitt Engineering, Inc. – Kyle Jones

KW Farms – Kim, Tanner and Garrett

BBK Farms – Paul, Nic and Greg

Shackelford Farms – Brad, Lance and Mike

Val Wahlen Farms – Val

Hymark Farms – Kevin and Jordan

Driscoll Brothers – Dirk

County Line Farms – Monty

Coma Farms – Conan

Foster Farms – Mark and Bruce


Mayor Larry Barrett


Thanks for reading!

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