Halfway planning equals half a room or less…

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by Curry Andrews

As Medicaid gets increasingly stressed, the accommodations for patients get more and minimal. A few states have authorized facilities to put four patients in a single room only separated by curtains. On top of that, those four patients share a single bathroom. This is not a good situation that could be avoided with careful planning.

Medicare only covers immediate care like doctor visits or hospital stays of a brief duration. Long-term care is covered by Medicaid which is very different. To get funding from Medicaid, a recipient has to meet income and asset levels that are very minimal. Usually, this will require a potential applicant to “spend down” their savings and other assets before they can qualify. This leaves little if anything for raising your level of care so that you can have your own suite with a private bathroom. At the same time, this will deplete your estate leaving very little for your heirs.

If you want to preserve assets to enhance your quality of life and leave an inheritance for your children, perhaps it’s time to talk to an estate planning and Elder law attorney.

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