Business owner expresses shock, anger, appreciation

To the editor,

Shocked is what I was when I was informed at 5:15 p.m. on July 22, that all alcohol sales at Freddies Roadhouse were to be terminated, effective at that very moment.

After being informed that our liquor license had been pulled I attempted to regain my composure and informed my friends that were enjoying their afterhours beverage that the bar was being shut down by the office of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)

There was no warning. There was no notice.

It was very hard to call three full-time employees and tell them they were out of work and on the streets. All of this was not my fault or theirs. This does not even begin to address the dismay of my loyal customers.

At that time there was no real answer to give. We were shutdown and that was all anyone really knew.

The next four weeks quickly turned into a nightmare. Bills began to pile up demanding to be paid. After thousands of dollars spent trying to find a solution my reserves were nearly exhausted. The stress in my home had escalated to a very uncomfortable level.

Finally some good news from a good friend and ABC; the good news was that a commercial liquor license had just become available. I applied and was readily approved for the license.

I offer my sincerest appreciation to the Power County Commissioners, specifically Delane Anderson for arranging a special meeting to approve the county license. Delane recognized the plight of a local business owner. Thank you to the City of American Falls for helping an out-of-business owner in a very desperate situation. Thank you to everyone that helped me and that helped my employees get back to work.

Now for the rest of the story: anger!

It was brought to my attention during a conference call with ABC that a call had come into ABC reporting that I was “operating unlawfully and was unfair.” Those are the exact words used in the report.

It is strange to me that after 10 years in business without a single citation or infraction that this type of claim would be made.

I have always worked in good faith. I am a man that is trying to get through this life by minding my own business and expecting the same in return, unlike those that find it their purpose to attempt to destroy someone else they don’t like or even give a care about. Just remember that someday, somewhere at some time there will be a tap on your shoulder and it will be me saying “you’re it.”

I am happy and proud to say Freddies Roadhouse is open for business! We are proudly here to serve you and to support this community.

This is a heartfelt thank you to past and future customer of Freddies Roadhouse.

Fred Roads

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