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To the editor,

We mow the grounds at one of the local apartment complexes, Lincoln Square. I got to know one of the tenants living there as he comes out to get fresh air and enjoy setting outside at times. I found out he was a veteran. I noticed he always sat on the cement wall in the back when he was out. He (Mike) didn’t have a lawn chair or any other place to sit.

I just happened to have a wooden and white heavy plastic bench, so I thought I could take it over for him. However, there was nowhere to place it that there was shade and level ground.

My neighbor works with scouts in a church program so one day I asked him if by some chance we could get some help from some of the boys to dig up some grass and weeds and level the ground in-between the two sheds by the alley. He lives in one of the back apartments.

It was great, a few of the boys, the bishop, my neighbor and I got it all done. We spread some gravel and put the bench down. Mike was so excited he even bought some donuts and brought them out for us while we were doing it. All last summer, fall and even this winter it set there. I was hoping maybe I could find an umbrella to add this year so there would always be shade.

Well this last week/week before someone took the bench. Maybe you thought no one wanted it because it was setting by the alleyway. Not So!!! Whoever you are Mike needs it so much more than you do. He is a nice guy, never hurt anyone, keeps to himself and HE IS A VET! He put his life on the line for his country and this was done as a way to honor him!!!

Bring his bench back! PLEASE! There will be no ramifications or questions asked.

Marla Glascock

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