AHS needs more pride and coverage

To the editor,

Throughout most of my life, one of the highlights of the football season was when we played the rivalry game with the bigger school across the dam. If we never won another game the rest of the season we wanted to beat American Falls. The Aberdeen Times used to give pre-season updates, print out the rosters and give thorough game accounts.

This year preceding the “big” game, there was a one liner in coming events; Football – American Falls at Aberdeen, 7:00 p.m. After that big buildup, I got to the game before 7:00 and all the handout rosters were already gone. What positive preparation!

After the game, I wondered what kind of coverage The Aberdeen Times would have. Lo and behold, there were two large color pictures of the mini cheerleaders on the front page, and three more inside; 70 column inches total. I admire the mini cheerleaders, they try hard and are very cute. The football team also had five black and white pictures and six column inches of description (poorly written) with only one identification; 46 column inches including photos.

My hat is off to the players and Jeff Duffin and his coaches. They put in hours and hours of tough practice in a rough sport. It paid off in a 24-13 victory. They have since beaten Oakley 28-7. The Idaho State Journal gives fairly good coverage of Aberdeen, but can’t we count on our local paper? The school blames The Times; The Times blames the school. Surely there is a capable reporter somewhere that could bring athletics back into balance. And I’m looking at you, teachers in the high school. Will anybody step up?

Aberdeen High School needs more pride and support and better coverage for its activities.

Carl Hege

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