American Falls x-county hosts home meet


The American Falls High School cross country team hosted its home meet at Indian Springs on Friday, Oct. 4.

Five schools attended the meet, from 2A Malad to 5A Hillcrest in Idaho Falls. Seventy-three competitors ran the varsity and junior varsity boys race, while 93 ran the varsity girls’ race. The AFHS girls team received a boost from the girls’ soccer and volleyball teams, which came out to run the race as well.

The AFHS varsity team continues to get faster, with Kelby Marroquin coming in 38th place with a time of 19:37, beating his personal best by 1:24. Adan Oseguera came in 39th with a time of 19:40, beating his personal best by 1:09. Jerrik Ostler came in 44th with a time of 19:40, beating his personal best by 1:09 as well. Stockton Woodworth came in 58th, with a time of 21:37, beating his personal best by 2:47.

On the varsity girls side, Susana Oseguera came in 16th place with a time of 21:11, beating her personal best by 38 seconds, and Brenna Woodruff 47th place, came in 26:35, beating her personal best by 32 seconds

Maria Sanchez, a girls’ soccer player, came in 22nd out of all the runners, but received a medal as the 10th place runner for junior varsity girls. She ran the race in 22:10. Other JV girls running for American Falls, their finishing positions and times, include: Lucero Castro, 57, 28:00; Cinthia Castro, 58, 28:11; Hunter Funk, 62, 29:58; Saige Povey, 63, 30:00; Alma Rangel, 65, 30:29; Sayli Snow, 66, 30:36, Ryan Hohenfield, 68, 31:00; Melanie Jennings, 69, 31:07; Taylor Haskett, 70, 31:12; Karen Sanchez, 73, 34:12; Dulce Palacios, 74, 34:12; Deysi Ledesma, 75, 34:18; Karina Carretero, 76, 34:19; Cassidy Swanson, 77, 34:53; Kailee Campbell, 78, 35:03; Daisha Leyshon, 79, 35:25; Emily Henesh, 80, 35:26; Alexis Ogier, 81, 35:27;

Mikah Fehringer, 82, 35:30; Jessica Colton, 83, 36:07; Quinn Smith, 84, 36:14; Sammi Grover, 85, 37:03;

Hailey Driscoll, 86, 37:06;

Lexi Anglesey, 87, 37:10;

Riley Morris, 89, 37:26; Edain Ledesma, 90, 37:26; Dana Neaman, 91, 37:37; Brittany Bristol, 92, 37:40; Mia Haskett, 93, 37:45.



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