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by Havilah Lyon
AF Library Director

Twice a year, the Friends of the American Falls District Library holds a Used Book Sale, where they sell a variety of items and then use the proceeds to benefit the library. They sell the usual (books), but also movies, magazines, audiobooks, puzzles, and even some random items like TVs that we can no longer use. The Friends get these items from several sources: We do something called “weeding” at the library, where we pull older books that aren’t checking out any more, and delete them from our system, then give them to the Friends to sell at the sale. We also get donations from wonderful patrons (because anyone who donates items to us is wonderful!) that either we are able to use ourselves on our shelves or that we give to the Friends group to sell at the sale.

Well, it’s that time of year again – the semi-annual Friends of the Library Used Book Sale is going to be held this Friday and Saturday at the Library in the Community Room. Friday goes from 3 to 7 p.m. and Saturday goes 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. We are running our ever-popular special where you can buy a tote bag for $10 and fill it up to the top for free. These are good quality tote bags that will stand up to a lot of abuse, and people love ‘em. We ran out of tote bags at our last sale, so we stocked up pretty heavily on them this time.

You know how I mentioned “weeding” a little earlier? Well, I wanted to say that we’ve “weeded” three sections in our library in preparation for this sale: The junior non-fiction section (focused on science and geography), the Large Print section, and the audiobook section. Specifically, we’ve pulled and deleted every book on tape that we own. If you still have a cassette player and you like to listen to books on tape, you’ve just hit the jackpot. We’ve got hundreds of them.

This is especially helpful for us at the library, because I’ve found a great source for good-quality books on CD (James Patterson, M.C. Beaton, Wanda Brunstetter) at a terrific price, but we had no place to put the new arrivals. No more room in the inn (or on the shelves!) With the books on tape gone, we have room on our shelves again for new arrivals so if you’re a big book on CD enthusiast, you’re going to be very happy these upcoming months as we put the new inventory out.

Speaking of new arrivals, we went live with eBooks and eAudiobooks on the first of November and have had a lot of very happy people come into the library to get set up. You do have to update your information with us at the library before you can download eBooks or eAudiobooks, but updating doesn’t take but a couple of minutes. Once you’re updated, we will give you the info to get logged in and going with eBooks; however, if you’re wanting help the first time through, bring your eReader in with you. The one thing I won’t do is tech support over the phone (you couldn’t pay me enough to do that – people click the wrong things and don’t realize it, and then the system isn’t working right and no one knows why…no way, no how, no thank you). But if you bring your device in (iPad, Kindle, Nook, iPhone, tablet – whatever it is) I or any of the library staff will sit down with you and help you through the set-up process for the eBooks, which can be intimidating. We don’t charge and we’re always happy to help, so just stop on by.

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