Dolls stay atop bowling league

The Dolls continue to hold the lead over the American Falls Ladies Bowling League at Pine Bowling Center in Pocatello.

For the Week of Oct. 27 through Nov. 3, the Dolls held on at 29-7. Pine Bowling Center continued in second place at 24-13. The Girls from the Hood and Ken’s Market remained even at 20-14 and Anderson Custom Pack rounded out the league in fifth at 14-22.

High games and series for the week of Oct. 27 through Nov. 3 include: Vicki Weisenberger 176, 158, 157, 491; Alice Hunter 174; Kelly Permann 167, 412; Edith Kopp 160, 434; Jennifer Gould 155, 429; Sara Permann 414; and Edna Darling 407.

Despite losing ground The Dolls were able to maintain their lead over the league during the week of Nov. 4 through 9. The Dolls finished the week at 29-11. Pine Bowling Center stayed in second place, but closed the gap moving to 25-15. Ken’s Market was able grab hold of third place in the league at 24-14. Girls from the Hood slipped to fourth with a record of 22-16. Anderson Custom Pack remained in fifth place at 14-26.

High games and series for the week of Nov. 4 through 9 include: Vicki Weisenberger 191, 178, 152, 521; Jennifer Gould 165, 391; Kelly Permann 159, 410; Edna Darling 159, 420; Edith Kopp 371; and Lois Greenrod 361.

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