Thanks to all who helped with dinner

To the editor,

We give a special thank you to all who helped make the Thanksgiving Dinner possible and successful: Stokes, SunRiver of Idaho, Barry and DeDe Nelson, Food Service of America, Sysco, Coke and Gem State.

We received approximately $1,300 in donations that will be divided between the Aberdeen Senior Center and the Aberdeen Food Bank.

Also, a special thanks to those who donated their time: Terri Rodriquez, Aryana Rodriquez, Carol Farrens, Breianne Bauer, Reesa Lusk Curry, Kalysta Jolley, Emmylou Nugent, Janalee Barajas, Jeri Dawn Jolley, Natalie Fuss, Kassia Alexander, Kahyana Aholelei, Mirian Mosqueda, Marissa Andersen, Angie Rangel, Tammy Andersen, Alex Williams, Melinda Michaelson, Teya DeVore, Therese Westover, Todd Giesbrecht, Artha Chips, Katrina Knowles, Juanita Burgemeister, Amy Hernandez, Naloni Lovell, Chris Chris, Cristal Twitchell, Kandi Foster, Peggy Lowder, Tessa Woodin, Mckinley Woodin, Lacey Twitchell, Aysha Mack, China Mack, Kamille Foster, Karlene Foster, Taylor Beach, Kawahi Beck, Cindrie Lowder, and Tia Farrens.

If we have missed anyone, we are sorry.

Thanks to everyone!

Aberdeen Country Kitchen

Thanks for reading!

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