They deserve our respect

To the editor,

I think it is important that we, the citizens of American Falls, take a look at some individuals that truly make a positive difference. Chief of Police Brandon Wilkinson and Detective Josh Campbell are two men who are constantly working for the betterment of the people in the community in which they belong. The Chief of Police has no issue sitting and talking with someone in need despite his busy schedule, puts his life on the line every day, and takes pride in his work and community. Sadly, when he goes into a store, he is very often shown vulgar gestures and is treated poorly by other citizens of the community. The same types of behaviors happen toward Detective Josh Campbell as well. As truly good men, they take this in stride.

I believe it is a travesty that two men of their caliber should be treated this way for whatever reasons people may have. As I said before, these two men put their lives on the line and work at continuing to make the community a safer and more appealing place to live. There was one point when I did something that was less than desirable, and the Chief had a stern talk with me and I deserved that. This shows the type of character this individual has for anyone living in his community.

My hope for people living in the community of American Falls is that they can see the great qualities of Chief Wilkinson and Detective Campbell. I urge people to go up to these men if they see them in public and shake their hands and thank them for their upstanding service rather than treat them poorly. American Falls is extremely lucky to have these two gentlemen serving the community and making it safer and a more desirable place to live.


Thankful resident of American Falls

(Name on file)

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