Thanks for all you do for Aberdeen

Dear Aberdeen Community,

Allene and I continue to be thankful for being a part of this caring community! Last week after the great snow we were blessed with, we went to the boat dock to walk the paved trail. Someone had bladed off all the snow. We were delighted we did not have to walk in the snow! We were not finished walking, so after coming back to town we enjoyed the Gem Trail which was also clean from snow. Whoever has done these acts of kindness, bless you for remembering the walkers!

  On Friday night the Aberdeen Senior Center  provided a wonderful Valentine’s Banquet. I know the banquet was an effort made possible by the senior center staff and many others from our town. My wife and I  enjoyed the delicious meal and being together with friends from our friendly town! Thank you Aberdeen Area Senior Center staff!

Aberdeen, may we continue to shine forth our love, help, support and spirit to all who live in our community!

Jerry and Allene Kaiser

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