Questions legislators’ priorities

To the editor,

It’s really encouraging to know, that when our state is in crisis regarding trivial little things like our education system and our roads and bridges, that our legislators can focus on the really important issues, like allowing concealed weapons on college campuses. Theirs is a focus so intense that they are not even swayed by police administrators or college presidents, whose only involvement with the subject is to be responsible for any campus violence.

Take several thousand 18 to 21 year old students, put them in a new, stressful environment, extremely close living conditions, and mix in the fact that many are experimenting with things they have not accessed when living in their own homes – then added concealed weapons! It makes me proud to keep paying the expenses for our valuable legislative sessions each year.

P.S. – When there is a tragic and violent outcome involving students and concealed weapons, I wouldn’t count on the governor to investigate it at the Attorney General’s first request.


John Gist

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