Addie’s story and thanks

To the editor,

Well a new year is here and 2014 looks like it’s going to be a busy year for the American Legion Auxiliary. We are still working on raising money for the city for the playground equipment at Posse Park. We are hoping that you will all open up your hearts and give to help raise money for the playground at Posse Park.

I have to tell you just how important the playground is to my granddaughter Addie. We were in Pocatello getting ready to go into a store when she saw two dollars on the console of my car and asked if she could have the money to buy something in the store. I told her it would be all right. As we were going through the doors she handed me the money back and asked me to keep it for her, she said she wanted to put it in her bank we have for her at our house. I asked her if she was going to save it and buy something special that she wanted. She looked at me and said no grandma, I’m going to keep saving money and give it to the city for the playground equipment. I was so shocked at her answer I was speechless, a four year old girl wants to give her money she has been saving in her bank to help pay for the playground project. You can surely say, I was one proud grandma! She said she wants to have something that the little kids can play on at the park.

The auxiliary thanks everyone again for their generosity in helping with the Christmas stocking project for those living in the veteran’s home in Pocatello. There were afghans and blankets, candy, tooth brushes, soap, socks, gloves and many other thing that were given. I wish you all could have been there when we took everything to the home, you could just feel the excitement when they saw us bring everything in. I was really proud to say I was from Aberdeen and to say the citizens of Aberdeen had opened up their hearts to our aging heroes. Thank you all so very much. The District President for the auxiliary called the other day and asked how our group was doing and if we had a project that we had to report at our next district meeting in March. I told her about how wonderful the people of Aberdeen were and how they gave so willingly to the veterans at the home in Pocatello. She was really impressed.

We are hoping to send girls to Girls State in June. What a great opportunity for boys and girls to get to go to Boise and learn about our government and how it is run. I just wish we had more interest from the Aberdeen juniors. Every year we have to work hard to find juniors that are interested in going.

We are hoping to have another fund raiser in March or April for the playground equipment; we’re looking at possibly having a spaghetti dinner.

Please remember we have the Community Birthday Calendars at city hall and Wallace Drug. And if you want to call us, we will bring you one. Call Linda Cardona or myself at 221-9678.

May you have a prosperous and happy year!

God bless you all.

Marva Jean Mueller, President

American Legion Auxiliary

Thanks for reading!

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