Just letting it go

When I’m driving around with my kids, they keep singing “Let it go! Let it go” from Disney’s animated musical “Frozen,” and I just can’t help saying “Hold it in! Hold it in! At least until we get home!”

I didn’t realize how well my kids new this song though, until we took them to the doctor. Their pediatrician asked what they liked to do for fun, and my oldest mentioned that she had seen “Frozen” in the theater. So, he asked if they could sing the song. Could she start at the beginning? my daughter asked. Yes, said the doctor. And did she ever! I knew she knew the chorus, but I didn’t know she knew all the verses until her impromptu performance in a small doctor’s office.

The song has become sort of a fixture on YouTube, where everyone and their dog is performing the anthem. I’m not kidding about the dogs. I just did a search on YouTube, where four dogs were performing separate covers of the song.

And it’s a catchy song, to say the least. And its accompanied by some of the most stunning animation in recent memory, of a snow queen creating a snow castle with magical powers. And creating a magical dress. And a living snowman. How she does this the show never says, but I guess we’re not supposed to ask too many questions.

The snow queen, of course, is in self-imposed banishment from her kingdom, where she isn’t allowed to practice magic, and she’s “letting it go” by building a castle. You can see why it’s so popular; so many of us with magical powers can relate.

Of course I’m kidding. But there are enough of us awkward types with Socially Reprehensible Personality Tendencies (SRPTs) that maybe a lot of us wish we could survive on top of a barren mountain and just be ourselves. This is especially true of people whose SRPT involves flatulence, although that brings a whole different connotation to letting it go.

But in the movie, the queen’s magical powers accidently froze the entire kingdom. So the moral of the movie is that maybe you shouldn’t let it go, at least not quite too much. That, or you shouldn’t take advice from trolls. Ok, so maybe it’s the latter.

But Disney ends up sending the wrong message with “Let it Go” in the middle of the movie. My wife pointed out this isn’t the first time: “The Lion King” performed Hakuna Matata right in the middle, and the theme of that song is you should just ignore all your problems, not really the message you want sent to young children. Don’t even get me started on “Bare Necessities” from “The Jungle Book.”

I haven’t heard the end of this song yet though. Our copy of “Frozen” is literally in the mail. The next princess movie is rumored to be coming out in 2018 though, so I only have to listen to “Let it Go” for four more years.

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