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 by Havilah Lyon

A.F. Library Director

I have found the old adage, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes” is holding just as true this spring as any other in Idaho. Last week I was wearing short sleeves and sandals, and even optimistically packed away my snow pants, boots, and winter jackets on Saturday, only to wake up to several inches of snow on Sunday. And then I had to watch it come down all day long. I wasn’t sure if I was going cry from joy (Finally! Moisture!) or wail from grief (It’s SNOWING! You had all winter to snow, darn you!!)

Here at the library, we’ve been getting ready for spring by holding classes on beekeeping and gardening, and then last week, showing “Frozen” during spring break. Lesson learned: Don’t limit yourself to one showing when it’s the biggest children’s movie of the year, a week after it’s been released onto DVD. This is an annual tradition for us (we show a movie during spring break and a movie during Christmas break) so I think next year, we’re going to do two showings during spring break. Perhaps then we won’t be pushing the envelope on our occupancy limit in the Community Room. It’s never a good sign when you are actively encouraging staff to keep an eye out for Pete Williams (the A.F. Fire Chief) and whistle if they see him coming. Not, of course, that I did anything like that…

We also have plans going forward –  April 11 and 12 is our biannual used book sale being put on by the Friends of the Library group. Friday, April 11, goes from 3 to 7 p.m. and Saturday, April 12, goes from 8:30 a.m. to 1p.m.

As always, the Friends are running their super popular promotion of buying a quality canvas tote bag for $10 and stuffing it for free. We have donations stacked up the walls, along with all of the books I’ve pulled off the shelf and deleted, so this promises to be our biggest sale yet. I know I keep saying that but it keeps being true too. For once I’m not lying, exaggerating, or otherwise making the story more *ahem* interesting. Our book sales really do keep getting bigger and bigger each time.

Then on April 25, we’re having our Grand Reopening Celebration from noon to 6 p.m.. Our Friends group decided that it was time to celebrate the fact that six years ago, we passed a bond and tripled the square footage of the library. We are able to offer exponentially more services and better services than we had before, and the Friends group is proud of that. I didn’t have a darn thing to do with this process, but I am lucky enough to reap the benefits of the hard work put in by staff, the board, and the Friends group. So on April 25, please join us as we show off our facility. We’ll have door prizes, games, tours of the library, and eReaders to play with, along with a whole lot more.

To round out the month, we will be celebrating Dia de los Ninos (Day of the Children) on Tuesday, April 29, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Working together with the Native Spanish Speakers class at the high school, we will be offering Mexican food to nibble on, games to play, and crafts to make. Everyone is welcome, but if it gets to be too crowded, just realize you may be commandeered into watch duty.

But only if you can whistle real loudly.

Thanks for reading!

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