Track athletes place, record personal bests at home meet


Several American Falls High School athletes placed or set personal records at the home track meet on Friday, April 4.

Kodee Vining took first in three events, the 100 meter dash at 26.54, the 200 meter dash at 24.54, and the long jump at 18’11″. His long jump marked his personal best for the 2014 season.

Jerrick Ostler took first place in the pole vault, hitting the 11’ mark, his personal best in his high school career. Dakota Hitesman took second place in the long jump with 18’10.75″ and the triple jump with 37’9.5″, both personal bests for the 2014 season.

Coulten Trumbell placed sixth in the shot put at 35’3.5 inches and also picked up third place in the triple jump at 37’5″, another personal record for this season.

Dallen Adkins threw the shot put a career best 31’6″ as well as a career best 69’9″ for the discus. Bridger Bammert picked up season bests with a 26’8.5″ throw in the shot put and 94’9.5″ throw in the discus.

Jay Hamman had season best by running 14.04 in the 100 meter dash and jumping 15’3″ in the long jump. Kelby Marroquin ran the 800 meter race in 3:01 and the 3200 meter race for a personal best this season. He also picked up a season best in the long jump with 12’7″.

Robert Odom picked up seasonal personal bests in the shot put at 34’9″ and the discus at 59’5″.

Juan Reyes set his all-time best shot put and discus throws at 34’9.5″ and 74’ respectively. Michael Saiz ran his best this season with a 13.14 time in the 100 meter dash. Stockton Woodworth set a personal best for this season in the 800 meter race at 2:54 and by jumping 13’2.5″ in the long jump.

Lexi Coon set a seasonal best with a 23’11.5″ shot put throw, and Emilie Davis did the same with a 10’6.5″ long jump. Kiara Evans set a personal record for this season with a 40’9.5″ discus throw.

Cassidy Hunt had a seasonal best 12’10.5″ long jump, and Alexis Ogier had seasonal bests 21.74 and 62.14 in the 100 meter and 300 meter hurdles. Hannah Pratt, Annie Richardson and Saharra Sampson all did as well as they have yet done this season in the 100 meter and 200 meter race, with times of 13.94, 17.14 and 16.34 in the 100 meter race and 30.14, 38.54 and 37.54 in the 200 meter race respectively. Richardson and Sampson also had 11’35 and 10’6.5″ in the long jump respectively for personal bests.

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