Sheriff and prosecutor: Negotiations over livestock-at-large ordinance blown out of proportion

To the editor,

Power County Sheriff Jim Jeffries and Power County Prosecutor Ryan Petersen wish to emphasize to the public that relations between their two offices are good and that  problems with an existing livestock-at-large ordinance have been misrepresented. Petersen said, “I have a great deal of respect for Sheriff Jeffries and his office. I recognize that keeping the residents of our county safe is a tough job, and I commend their hard work and their constant concern for the safety of Power County’s citizens.”

Jeffries also emphasized the mutual respect both officials have for each other. Petersen and Jeffries jointly acknowledge that there will be times when they disagree, but emphasize that they work well together and consider themselves part of the same team.

In recent weeks, the Prosecutors Office and the Sheriff’s Office have met with the Power County Commissioners to discuss a problematic Livestock-at-Large Ordinance. Both offices recognize that loose livestock can create a hazard for residents, and both agree that the current ordinance needs to be amended to a law that can be effectively enforced. The Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office, together with the Power County Commissioners, will continue the process of amending this ordinance and appreciate the patience of the public as they do so.

Jeffries and Petersen wish to thank residents for their interest in this matter and for taking the time to attend meetings in which this issue has been discussed. Jeffries and Petersen appreciate the support of the community and commend them for their willingness to contribute their input on how to better enforce good livestock practices. Petersen thanks the individual officers who have been involved in recent cows at large cases, including Troy Smith.

“Smith is a good officer whose only concern is the safety of the residents he serves,” said Petersen. “It is unfortunate that he ended up in the middle of all this. I have great respect for the work that he does.”

Power County Prosecutor’s Office and Power County Sheriff’s Office

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