Federal, state, county primary election is Tuesday, May 20

The Primary Election will be held Tuesday, May 20. Voters in the Aberdeen area will vote at the Aberdeen American Legion Hall between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Springfield area residents will vote at the Springfield Fire Station and Community Center during the same hours.

On the Democratic side of the ballot in the United States races, William Bryk and Nels Mitchell are running for senator and Richard Stallings is running for representative.

For the state government A.J. Balukoff and Terry Kerr are running for governor, Bert Marley is running for lieutenant governor, Holli Woodings is running for secretary of state, Deborah Silver and W. Lane Startin is running for state treasurer, Bruce S. Bistline is running for attorney general and Jana Jones is runing for superintendent of public instruction.

No Democrats are running for the state legislative offices or the county offices.

On the Republican side for United States offices, Jeremy “T” Anderson and Jim Risch are running for senator and Mike Simpson and Bryan D. Smith are running for representative in congress.

For the state offices, Walt Bayes, Harley D. Brown, Russell M. Fulcher and C.L. “Butch” Otter are running for governor, Jim Chmelik and Brad Little are running for lieutenant governor, Lawerence E. Denney, Evan S. Frasure, Phil McGrane and Mitch Toryanski are running for secretary of state, Todd Hatfield and Brandon D. Woolf are running for state controller, Ron Crane is running for state treasurer, C.T. “Chris” Troupis and Lawrence Wasden are running for attorney general, John R. Eynon, Andrew Grover, Randy Jensen and Sherri Ybarra are running for superintendent of public instruction.

In the state legislative district offices, Steve Bair is running for state senator, Neil A. Anderson is running for representative Position A and Julie VanOrden is running for position B.

In the county offices for commissioner, Mark R. Bair is running for first district and Whitney Manwaring and Ralph West are running for second district.

Pam Wray Eckhardt and Leah Rigby are running for clerk of the district court, Tanna Beal and Dev D. Sasser are running for county treasurer, Ronald J. Simmons is running for county assessor and Mike Gardner is running for county coroner.

On the nonpartisan section of each ballot, Joel Horton and William “Breck” Seiniger are running to succed Justice Joel Horton, Warren E. Jones is running to succeed Justice Warren E. Jones, Serio A. Gutierrez is running to succeed Judge Sergio A. Gutierrez, Gregory W. Moeller is running to succeed Judge Gregory W. Moeller, Scott J. Davis, Bruce L. Pickett and Stevan H. Thompson are running to succeed Judge Jon. J. Shinduling, Andre Linchenko Lawson and Darren B. Simpson are running to succeed Judge Darren B. Simpson, Randy Neal and Joel E. Tingey are running to succeed Judge Joel E. Tingey and Dane H. Watkins Jr. is running to succeed Judge Dane H. Watkins, Jr.

Everyone is encouraged to vote on election day. If not registered, a person may register at the princincts if they have proof of residency.

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