Eric Brown sworn in as police officer

Mayor Morgan Anderson swore in Officer Eric Brown to become the newest officer in the Aberdeen Police Department. City council members Mary Leisy, Karalee Krehbiel Bonzon, Brian Schneider, Larry Barrett and Craig Wampler with city clerk, Linda Balls, Chief Ray Dalling and attorney Dan Acevedo watched the swearing in. Mayor Anderson welcomed the new officer to the city.

The minutes were read and approved by council members. The bills for Keller Associates and Starr Corporation were approved. The city monthly bills were approved.

Rita Lynch attended to the council meeting to bring up her concerns about neighboring houses which had weed issues and trailers full of garbage in their driveways. She asked what is being about these problems. Mayor Anderson told Lynch that the city is working on ordinances to address these type of issues and they would look into her situation. He appreciated the concern she had in regards to the safety of the town.

Dawn Moon reported to the council about Provident Produce. They are a company based in Pocatello who has a trailer which provides access to fresh produce similar to Bountiful Baskets. You order online the vegetables and fruits that you desire each week. Moon was informing the council of the opportunity and asking for permission to bring in the company. Mayor Anderson stated that there is no ordinance for or against such an endeavour and gave his okay. Commercial Tire has offered some of their property for when the trailer travels to Aberdeen.

Mark Mendenhall from the Army Corps of Engineers travelled to Aberdeen to deliver copies of a partnership agreement between Aberdeen and the Corps in regards to a grant the city received from them for the collection system. The grant will help finish up the waste water project and collection system. It was a matching grant in which the city needed to match 25%. The grant was for $850,000. The city would use it to work on sewer lines, lift stations and disconnects. The matching money would come from a Dept. of Commerce block grant so no extra money would need to come from the waste water budget. This grant had been looked at from the beginning but funds hadn’t been available to obtain the grant. Mendenhall would be the manager from the Corps to oversee the project. They have an environmental infrastructure program from which the money is obtained. Mayor Anderson, Linda Balls and Dan Acevedo signed the partnership agreement. The project funding will be in place by June 1 and after that they could start the project.

Craig Wampler said he is excited and appreciates the hard work that Julie Neff put in to help get this grant. The Army Corps of Engineers is one of several infrastructure agencies which belong to the Advantage group. Rural Development and USDA also belong. Wampler will work Skyler Allen of Keller Associates to get direction and do some good planning for the proposed projects on finishing things up on the compliance agreement and the design review. The city crew has used the camera on part of the collection which will help with the planning.

Skyler Allen is excited about the grant and project. Keller saw the need for the collection system upgrades. Allen requested the city approve Amendment 3 to the current contract for the additional projects needed at the treatment plant made necessary by the cold weather. The amendment was approved.

Tannia Beal a candidate for Bingham County treasurer introduced to the city council. Ralph West talked about wanting to be a county commissioner. Wampler asked him if he would follow up on his promises if he is elected.

Mayor Anderson then asked for reports from the departments.

Katherine O’Brien couldn’t attend due to being stranded in a snowstorm.

Golf Course water

Brian Schneider congratulated both the girls and boys golf teams for their success this year. He stated they are putting in a fire hydrant at the golf course working on a backfill prevention. It will be finished next month.

Skyler Allen of Keller talked about the DEQ grant application which he finished. It would allow the city to evaluate the water system which was last done in 2000. It will be a facility planning study to look at water supply, analysing the needs for the future. They will look at water supply, storage possibilities, emergency power, potential distribution and population projections. The match is 50%. It will cost $50,000 to complete. They have about two months to make a decision.


Craig Wampler talked about the funding issues with the plant project. Things are progressing well and running well. Construction crews are finishing the repairs from the problems which developed over the winter. They are moving forward on the digester and UV system. He will work with Keller on designs for the newly funded project which could begin as early as July. He thanked everyone who helped to bring about the completion of the compliance agreement, Brian, Larry Barrett, Mayor Anderson and Richard Mayer as well as others.

Parks & recreation

Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon said Arbor Day on April 25th was successful. The fourth graders participated in the event. Aberdeen is a fifteen year tree USA city. The Lil’ Tykes grant was awarded. They received $6600. The Soil Conservation office volunteered to help with the landscaping around the playground equipment. She talked with Marva Jean Mueller who said the spaghetti dinner went well and the playground project is progressing. They received a quote to make the city park handicapped accessible.

P & Z

Larry Barrett told the council that the planning and zoning committee granted a special use permit to the First Street meeting who will build another meeting place by the Calvary Chapel church. Alley clean-up will be next week. They have eleven applicants for the public works position. They will hold a special meeting on Tuesday to screen the applicants. Barrett asked if Family Dollar would clean up around their building. There is apparently loose metal and there is a concern if the wind is strong enough it will blow away and cause damage. Barrett also asked about cleaning up the fenced area behind the police station. There is old equipment and police cars which are not being used. He asked what could be done with them. He was advised it could be sold by sealed bid or put in salvage. Chief Dalling said the police cars could be sold. They still run. Barrett will get with Richard Mayer and explore their options for the equipment and cars.

Craig Wampler asked what was happening with the building inspector proposal. Mayor Anderson replied that they would like to accept Allen Jensen’s proposal that Bingham County provide a building inspector as needed. The proposal was accepted.

Gem Trail

Mary Leisy mentioned the Gem Trail meeting on Thursday, May 15 at the golf course. They discussed the maintenance of the current trail section. Leisy thanked the city for their card and gift during her convalescence.

Mayor Anderson asked the council to hold a meeting to look over the job applicants. It was set for Tuesday, May 20th. He appreciated Larry Barrett asking questions about the equipment.

Dan Acevedo attended a meeting with the Mayor in Pocatello. They discussed the appointment of a Special US Attorney, who would be a county employee, prosecuting special cases in SE Idaho.  These cases would include murder, drug and/or possible rape cases. The cities within his jurisdiction would pay part of his wages which would be $25,000. Each city would pay a portion. This could be as low as $58 up to $200. He proposed a resolution allowing the Mayor to attend a meeting to support the proposal and program on May 29th. The resolution was approved.

Richard Mayer said the city crew had been busy working at the waste plant, serviced the generators at the wells, did weed work, parks, helped with Arbor Day, repaired equipment and worked on the fire hydrant at the golf course. They will continue to work at the waste water plant, finish the fire hydrant, start on alley clean-up and install a new sludge bag.

City Hall was inspected in regards to being handicapped accessible. In order to be in compliance with the ADA, the city will need to put up exits signs on the doors, have self closing hinges on the bathroom door and also upgrade the city park bathrooms so they are also handicapped accessible. They will paint a blue strip for the handicapped access outside city hall for parking.

The meeting was recessed until May 20th for the special meeting on employees.

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