Graduation: Life is hard, but signs of hope abound

Kamille Foster welcomed the graduating class of 2014 along with their parents, family and friends.

Jared Moser began his Salutatorian speech by saying it was an honor to be chosen as Salutatorian. He defined the meaning of the word as second in the class. He wasn’t sure he agreed with that definition. He told his fellow classmates that it is not always easy, never easy but to remember the good and the bad. They have taught you, life lessons. He thanked the parents, families, friends, teachers and the community for their support especially his family. He wished his fellow graduates the best.

Kylan Feld, Valedictorian, started his speech with things he wouldn’t miss such as homework, people who talked about his nose, and about getting a Master’s degree. However, he would miss seeing his friends, being on the golf team, Andrew making his bird calls, and learning from his teachers. He acknowledged the influence of Mr. Darryl McCombs on him and his fellow classmates. He talked about the experiences with teachers such as Ingersoll, Sargent and Mr. Mower. After which he continued to talk in Spanish to his classmates. He switched back to English for his final remarks. He thanked his parents and family for the life lessons they taught him. His least favorite being picking rocks but his favorite being with his brother Alec. He thanked him for being his friend and the good times they had together. Finishing his remarks, he stated, “Aberdeen is a part of me. I love and embrace the things I have learned and experienced in Aberdeen with my family, friends and classmates. Someday, I would like to give back to Aberdeen. I want to come back.” Finally, he told some of his favorite quotes. “Life moves fast, stop and look around you. Don’t waste your friends. His final quote came from his great-grandpa, Wally Driscoll, “Work is play and play is work.” Thank you to all my family, friends, and teachers for your dedication to help us succeed.

Aspen Poulson introduced the speaker for the night. Mr. Tim Satterfield is a math teacher at Aberdeen High School. She and Mr. Satterfield did a skit together involving jokes and hermetically sealed envelopes. It drew laughter from the audience.

Mr. Satterfield started his remarks with telling the graduating class that not only their parents, grandparents, family and friends but also their teachers were extremely proud of them for graduating. This also included Mr. Pincock, Ms. Ellis, Ms. Ward and the school board.

He told the students that Mr. Darryl McCombs was a great asset to the school and community. He and his wife Wanda have contributed many things. He helped coach basketball and is a tremendous teacher and excellent advisor for the National Honor Society. He will be missed.

Satterfield went on to say “This is the best part of education, seeing this group of students graduate. This is all for you.” On the first day of school you came with a blank piece of paper but you left with volumes of information learned. Congratulations to both the Boys and Girls Golf teams for placing second at State. Also to the cheerleaders for taking State again this year. Coaches for the teams were Brian Beck, Chris Duffin, Chana Duffin and Lori Lehman.

He described things that happened using the intercom at school. First it was the announcements, bulletin and pledge at the beginning of third period. He thanked Student Body President Kylan Feld for his great job of reading them and leading the students in the pledge. He also thanked Kamille Foster Student Body vice-president for filling in sometimes. Ms. Heather Clark and Ms. Glenna Brien made announcements for students and faculty over the intercom. However, the one use of the intercom that students didn’t want to hear came from Mr. Pincock about lunch detention. The entire sophomore class was called except two one day. He praised Pincock for his diligence in making sure the graduates completed all their requirements.

Mrs. Ellis deserves credit as well, he said, for administering all the tests this year: ACT, SAT, SBAC. She tried to keep the time away from class equal to or less than time in class. Good job! Satterfield said, “She was busy as a bare foot girl on a red ant hill.”

He talked about common core and the new way of doing math. He went on to give a humorous example of Zane Bono and his penchant for breakfast burritos. He asked the class how long it would take him to eat it and how much in a second. He named everyone in the class who tried to figure it out. The moral of his story was slowdown on the burritos.

He hoped his speech brought joy and fun to the graduation exercises. He hoped to be wise and memorable to the students. Satterfield told the students they have a limited number of opportunities to find joy. Make the most of it.

Mr. Satterfield than became a little serious in his closing remarks. He told them “life is hard, mighty uncertain but signs of hope abound.” Tonight, your parents, family, friends and even total strangers will come up to you and wish you well. If that isn’t nice I don’t know what nice is. May the Lord give you the desires of your heart.

Alejandro (Alex) Cardona paid tribute to Darryl McCombs and thanked him for his generosity to the students at Aberdeen High School and to the National Honor Society. He gave him a token of appreciation from the graduating class.

Mr. Pincock awarded the Citizenship, service and champion characters awards. LaShae Hamilton was the recipient of the Citizenship award and Kylan Feld earned the Service award. Champion characters for service on and off the athletic field, within the school and community were Kira Shelman and Alex Cardona.

A select group of graduating students then sang “Imagine” for the audience before the graduating class tossed their hats.

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