Series of events help celebrate birthday of Katrina Kramer

To the editor,

In the May 14, 2014, “Looking Back” section of The Power County Press, it had at the 50 year mark that “American Falls High School announced class officers…Katrina Kramer, Cheer Queen.”

I was Katrina Kramer’s husband for forty-two years and each year on May 15, her birthday, I return to American Falls to tend her gravesite. This year several stories unfolded that must be told.

It began on May 14 at the L.S. Skaggs College of Pharmacy, University of Utah. An endowed scholarship in Katrina’s name was established at the college, her alma mater, and I was there meeting with the staff. As I was shown the new L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute, a young man shared that the Skaggs family began their business in American Falls, ID. I was a bit skeptical, but told him that I was on my way to American Falls following our meeting.

The next morning, as is my annual custom, I stopped at the cafe for breakfast. Each year there has been a group of women meeting for breakfast and I stop to say hello and share a few stories about Katrina. This year they were not present and I was heartily greeted by a small group of men who invited me to their table. They shared stories about Roland Kramer, Katrina’s father, and his Rexall Pharmacy on the corner of Fort Hall and Idaho. I asked if any knew of the Skaggs family history in American Falls. Yes, they replied, that the Skaggs family had a building in the original American Falls and rebuilt on the corner of Fort Hall and Idaho when the town was relocated because of the dam and reservoir. I found it fascinating that Katrina would grow up working in her father’s drug store across the street from the Skaggs building and then attend a College of Pharmacy named after L.S. Skaggs.

Well, that is not all of the story. The women arrived at the cafe and I stopped by to say hello. One woman said, “Katrina is in the paper today.” “What?” we all exclaimed. “She is in the Looking Back section of the Power County Press,” she said. “You can find a copy of the paper at the Rockland Pharmacy,” I was told. I walked down to the pharmacy and when I entered, I almost fell over. There was the original soda fountain from Roland Kramer’s drug store a fountain where I met my soon-to-be father-in-law and where Katrina grew up working as a “Soda Jerk.” I bought the paper and there was the piece on Katrina. All of this, on her birthday, May 15. Thank you for making her birthday extra special this year.

John Phillips,

Omaha, NE

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2 comments for “Series of events help celebrate birthday of Katrina Kramer

  1. Nadine Kramer Gray
    June 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    What a great tribute to my sister written by my wonderful brother-in-law…information I didn’t know about until John shared it with me..what a great place to grow up!

    Nadine Kramer Gray

  2. Keith Kramer
    June 16, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    I knew Safeway grocery chain was started in Am. Falls but no idea re: Skaggs. Falls Drug was on northeast corner of Idaho and Fort Hall was Skaggs building the old Barnard Hotel?
    Never forgot working fountain with Katrina and inventing drinks like “The Purple Cow and the Grasshopper”.

    Keith Kramer class of 67

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