Wallace and Maurine Driscoll named Aberdeen Daze Grand Marshals


Family, farming, church, community, sports, and heritage all combine to define the lives of Wallace Wride and Maurine Duffin Driscoll, this year’s Aberdeen Daze Grand Marshals. Both Wally and Maurine have deep roots in the Aberdeen, Sterling area of Southeast Idaho. Wally was the fifth of eight children born to his parents Martin Adolf Driscoll and Fay Wride Driscoll. The Driscoll’s settled and ranched in the bottoms in 1874 until the dam was built. Maurine’s parents were Loraine Thornton Duffin and Grace Cobbley Duffin and she has two older brothers. The Duffin family settled in Aberdeen in 1918.

Wally and Maurine were married on Valentines Day, February 14, 1952. They began their life together living in Sterling, Idaho where they lived until 1962 and their first five children, Brock, Dirk, Leslie, Linda, and Loraine were born. They completed building a home on land they had recently purchased and moved to the Pleasant Valley area where Wally had begun farming a few years before. It was there that their other three children were born, Thayne, Lincoln, and Amanda. Wally expanded his farming operation while still maintaining his Hereford cow herd in the Sterling area. Wally and Maurine returned back to Sterling in 1979, on the cattle ranch they had moved from originally and that Wally had purchased from his parents.

During these years Wally and Maurine enjoyed raising their children in the Aberdeen area and were very involved in the community, school, and their church. Along with their eight children and spouses they have forty eight grandchildren and seventy great-grandchildren that they love and support.

Wally and Maurine continue to reside in Sterling on the ranch where they enjoy the beautiful area of southeast Idaho which they have called “home” all of their lives. They love watching their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and their families grow and develop. They love their dear parents and families from which they were born and raised, and have always been grateful for the wonderful heritage and legacy of faith and devotion they have been blessed with and have done their best to teach, exemplify, and pass on this great legacy to their family. They also cherish the many wonderful friends and neighbors and associations they have enjoyed over the years in the great community of Aberdeen!

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